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Calculator for Installing Glass into Cabinets

These prices are an ESTIMATE. All glass prices are subject to change without notice. You must bring your order to The Vinery for a final price.

(Once a deposit has been paid, the price remains firm unless the customer requests changes.)

Full Sheet Discounts are for full uncut sheets only

Minimum charge for glass per door is $10.00.

Glass cutting charge equals 25% of the glass cost.

Installation cost is $10.00 per door, clips are NOT included in this price (clip cost is customer dependent - estimate about $3.00 per door as a base).

Wood panel cut-outs are $15.00 per door (rectangle) or $20.00 (arched top).

Enter your information below:

Glass Type:

$ Glass cost per square foot

Glass Pane Dimensions (exact measurements will be taken at the studio)
inches: Length of glass
inches: Width of glass

Number of Panes needed.

Do you need The Vinery to install the glass?
Number of doors needing glass installation

Do you need The Vinery to prep your doors for the glass?
# of rectangle panel cut-outs
# of arched panel cut-outs

Are you Tax Exempt? yes     no


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