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Books by the Vinery

Beginning Patterns Stained Glass Pattern Book
Beginning Patterns was designed for the beginning student to meet with success. The glass used in these projects is available through most retail stores. The patterns were designed to avoid tight inside curves and other shapes that are particularly difficult for students with beginning skills. This book is a first step in an enjoyable, long-lasting hobby.
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Beginning Patterns II Stained Glass Pattern Book
This book was created to compliment Beginning Patterns - a resource for the beginning student and instructor. This book has 40 patterns, half are suitable for lead and half for foil. The glass used in these projects is available through most retail stores. The foil patterns are a little more complicated than our first book, but the lead patterns are for beginners.
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Beyond Beginning Stained Glass Pattern Book
A new stained glass pattern book containing 40 beautiful designs. In keeping with the Vinery book tradition, all the patterns are included in the book as well as color photographs of each design. The designs in this book are intended for the advanced beginner to intermediate student and their instructors.
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300 Cabinet Door Designs Book
A great resource for patterns and design ideas, based on twenty-five years of experience designing, building and installing stained glass cabinet doors. Pattern designs include: Simple Lines, Bevel Clusters, Prairie Styles, Victorian, Contemporary, Art Nouveau, Southwest, Wildlife, Floral, Scenic, and others. Full color pictures of many of the designs are included.
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Garden Mosaic Book
This book is a great resource for the mosaic artist. It gives step by step instruction for 14 beautiful mosaics featuring cast cement accents.
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Beginning Fusing and Beyond Book
This is the latest book from the Vinery publications. It includes 20 exciting projects for the glass fuser. The projects vary in skill level and application. Vases, bracelets, clocks, etc. are just a few to choose from. The selection of projects were chosen from the favorites taught at the Vinery. This book will be a great guide for retail stores teaching fusing classes or for the hobbyist that wants to work independently. This book provides clear step by step instructions and pictures.
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