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Clear Glass for Cabinets

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If you would like to see the glass with a color frame around it to see what it will look like with your cabinet color, click the color below:
No frame, just glass     Walnut     Oak     Cherry     Maple     White    

Clear/Textured Price List
ManufacturerGlass TypeImageSq. Ft. PriceMax. Size
 Clear FrostedClear Frosted$13.00 
 Delta FrostedDelta Frosted$13.00 
 Delta ReefDelta Frosted$13.00 
PilkingtonArticDelta Frosted$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonAutumnPilkington Autumn$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonCotswoldPilkington Cotswold$15.0026"x 42"
PilkingtonDigitalPilkington Digital$17.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonDouble FlemishPilkington Digital$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonEvergladePilkington Reeded$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonOak LeavesPilkington Oak Leaves$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonReededPilkington Reeded$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonSycamorePilkington Sycamore$15.0026" x 42"
PilkingtonTaffetaPilkington Sycamore$15.0026" x 42"
St. GobainGlacierSt. Gobain Glacier$12.0026" x 42"
St. GobainRainSt. Gobain Glacier$12.0032" x 42"
St. GobainThin ReededSt. Gobain Thin Reeded$12.0032" x 42"
DesagGer. New Antq.Desag Ger. New Antq.$25.0030" x 40"
Desag GNA Rivuletta.Desag Ger. New Antq.$26.0030" x 40"
OGTArtiqueSpectrum Artique$22.0024" x 48"
OGTBaroqueSpectrum Baroque$22.0024" x 48"
OGTChordSpectrum Chord$22.0024" x 48"
OGTCorsicaSpectrum Barnwood$22.0024" x 48"
OGTCortezaSpectrum Granite$22.0024" x 48"
OGTCrackleSpectrum Granite$22.0024" x 48"
OGTCrystal IceSpectrum Crystal Ice$22.0024" x 48"
OGTGraniteSpectrum Granite$22.0024" x 48"
OGT Hammered Sm.Spectrum Sm. Hammered$22.0024" x 48"
OGTHammeredSpectrum Hammered$22.0024" x 48"
OGTKrinkleSpectrum Krinkle$22.0024"x 48"
OGTQuarter ReedSpectrum Quarter Reed$22.0024" x 48"
OGTRainwaterSpectrum Rough Rolled$22.0024" x 48"
OGTRough RolledSpectrum Rough Rolled$22.0024" x 48"
OGTSatinSpectrum Satin$22.0024" x 48"
OGTSatin SeedySpectrum Satin$22.0024" x 48"
OGTSeedySpectrum Seedy$22.0024" x 48"
OGTVecchioSpectrum Vecchio$14.0024" x 48"
OGTWaterglassSpectrum Waterglass$22.0020" x 48"
ClearFloat - Dbl.Float - Dbl.$10.0042" x 48"
ClearMirror - Dbl.Mirror - Dbl.$15.0042" x 48"
ClearGlue Chip - SglGlue Chip - Sgl$10.0024" x 36"
ClearGlue Chip - DblGlue Chip - Dbl$10.0024" x 36"
ImportSeedyHCSeedyHGH$14.0024" x 48"

* Full Sheet Discount of 25% for full uncut sheets only!
Cabinet Doors: Minimum charge for glass is $10.00 per door.
Cutting charge is 25% of glass cost.
$10.00 per door for silicone installation.
Wood panel cut-outs are $15.00 per door (rectangle) or $20.00 (arched top).

Click here for measuring instructions.

Click here to estimate the cost of putting glass in your cabinet doors.

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